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  • elevaTOURS (dieselducy)

    This is a nice no frills airport. From the parking lot to the gate is about a 5 minute walk. They also have a nice elevator.

  • oceana understood
    oceana understood
    2 weeks ago

    What a lovely, clean, well organized Airport. Parking is not a problem, and the seating inside is very nice. Theres a lounge area , seats along the walls, and rocking chairs. It's very close to food and hotel choices, and there were a few vending machines inside. It's a lovely airport and zero stress driving there, or finding your gate. We use this airport as frequently as we can bc it's easy to access. There is good lighting and security. Parking is free the first 30 minutes.

  • David 2.0
    David 2.0
    a year ago

    The only major thing going for this airport is its size. Because it is so small, TSA is easy. But, there aren't that many departures, and all flights are American Eagle to Charlotte. The airport itself is nicely maintained and easy to get to, if you have a car or a shuttle.

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson
    5 months ago

    Very small airport (for a small city). Very little to do in the airport other than wait for your flight and grab something out of the vending machine. All the planes taking off and arriving are very small as well. Staff was incredibly friendly and made my whole experience much simpler.

  • Harold Mosley
    Harold Mosley
    2 months ago

    Always have a plan b ( emergency carry on), and c ( Patience) with American Airlines. If your flight (5239 Charlotte NC.) is cancelled there will be literally no support for you. Baggage handlers no direction or info to give. Approximately 80+ bags sitting on the floor not knowing what flight they were unloading. After 13hrs , being on the phone hrs at a time I get a call from Lynchburg airport my bags are there although I was told to wait 4 he's to get them in Charlotte. It doesn't stop there, same run around when I arrived to pick up luggage. Line already formed with people waiting almost 30 mins. 1 perosn supposedly running the airport. Told 15 min wait on top of me already being there 15 mins. The little young lady didn't like the idea of me calling back to inform them we weren't getting the help we needed until 2 other associates clocked in I guess, and I was on the phone in the line. You shouldn't make plans if you're incapable of carrying them out at a designated time. There was no plan for support if they knew flights were cancelled and people would be arriving. Even after calling back to get the associates name, they refused along with the gentleman I spoke with on the phone. I get it, cover up, conceal, protect. Anyone working for this company please inform your boss or whomever to make a plan on how to better take care of customers in need when flights are cancelled. There was really no support or coordination from start to finish of the cancelled flight. Other than missing a day of work, I guess things was fine. Thanks, Semper Fi

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