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  • William Lile
    William Lile
    2 months ago

    Cute, small airport. Close to Liberty University. Easy parking and car return. One issue... 2 visits in a row, the ONLY drink vending machine after security was "Out of Order". There is NO store, nor restaurant after security. You can go back through security to get a soda, but it must be finished before you go back through security. The only way to get anything to drink after security is to use a downstairs single water fountain.

  • Larry Brodie
    Larry Brodie
    2 months ago

    Small but an awesome regional airport! It's well run, very clean, easy parking access, car rental options. In my experience the various airlines employees are friendly and helpful, the security personnel are professionals but not over the top crazy in how they handle check ins. And with all jet service! It would be hard to find a nice small airport.

  • elevaTOURS (dieselducy)

    This is a nice no frills airport. From the parking lot to the gate is about a 5 minute walk. They also have a nice elevator.

  • oceana understood
    oceana understood
    4 months ago

    What a lovely, clean, well organized Airport. Parking is not a problem, and the seating inside is very nice. Theres a lounge area , seats along the walls, and rocking chairs. It's very close to food and hotel choices, and there were a few vending machines inside. It's a lovely airport and zero stress driving there, or finding your gate. We use this airport as frequently as we can bc it's easy to access. There is good lighting and security. Parking is free the first 30 minutes.

  • David 2.0
    David 2.0
    a year ago

    The only major thing going for this airport is its size. Because it is so small, TSA is easy. But, there aren't that many departures, and all flights are American Eagle to Charlotte. The airport itself is nicely maintained and easy to get to, if you have a car or a shuttle.

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